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I threw my hat into the ring via the Ravelry group, and now here- and just finished my January fiber..... maybe I can make a dent in the accumulation?

I just herd about this tonight and I am so in! I have so much stash its not even funny. My Jan. fiber is a pound of really neat red wool I bought at SOAR 09.

Ah, we must be on the same wavelength! A couple of weeks ago, I determined to itemize my spinning onto my ravelry page (I don't have a blog), to keep track of how much I actually get done in a year. So it's a bit opposite to your plan I suppose, as I haven't actually listed what I'm aiming at, just going to list what I've done. To spread out the love a bit, I'm going to alternate prepared fibre bags with raw fibre bags. I do have lots of fibre of all sorts here, insulating my room. Hmmm, lots.

Although there is no hope of me spinning down my stash in a year, I am going to start on it as per your instructions: one month at a time.

I made a list of my unspun fiber in November. Even if I buy nothing else, it'll take me more than a year to go through it 1 month at a time, although I suppose the idea is to have a rotating stash with no more coming in than is being used up. LOL

I'm keeping track of things on Ravelry, and have started a topic in the Spindlicity group. Come on by and chat!

Janel, what a great idea! I have boxes of llama to spin for woven rugs. It's dusty, full of guard hairs and not my favorite to spin, but I am determined to make some rugs for the kids. This shall be the year of the great llama spin in Shed #5.

forgot to ask this question: can we use any spinning instrument? (spindle, wheel, electric spinner, etc.)

oh, what the heck! I'm in, too. It will motivate me to spin from stash and post on my blog, he, he.

I think I'm going to do it! I am always so happy when I spin, but I often forget to kick myself into doing it, so maybe this will do the trick (not to mention that I have some lovely fiber that needs to get spun so I can knit it!). Thanks :) I'll blog the first batch I've spun in the next couple of days: http://knittinglinguist.blogspot.com

Hi, Janel! My friend Brooke inspired me to hop on your bandwagon with her, and I'm really looking forward to it! I bought an electric spinner (HansenCrafts) over the summer and it has not seen nearly enough use. Hopefully this will remedy that!
Here's the post where I showed what I bagged up for the year: http://amputeehee.blogspot.com/2011/01/year-long-projects-anyone-not.html

I am ready to hit the ground running with this! Happy spinning everyone! Thanks for the inspiration Janel!

I'm in! It's been so nice to get back into spinning.

Blogged my selections here: http://sinceresheep.com/store/343

I'm in! There's a blog post about it coming once I find the proper camera cord. Moving is my favorite thing EVER. Bah! :D

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