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January 11, 2017


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Much love to you on your journey. <3

Hi janel! Congratulations on getting married! You look beautiful. I wish you all the best in 2017 and beyond. I still remember some of your stories with amusement, so if you're going to get back to writing, I'd be happy to read! Love KT

Dear Janel,
How wonderul to read this.
Without meeting up we share a lot.
We both lost the love of our life.
We both mourn.
We both did find a new love.
We both got healed.
We both now that our husbands who passed away learned us a lot.

And yes, we are lucky to have love back into our lifes.
(What a great picture of the both of you!)

Life is about love and connection.
And yes, that is a reason to start writing again.

With love from Jan

Congratulations, Janel!! Your happiness is our happiness :-))

Janel, you look radiant, so happy for you !!!
Wishing you and your handsome guy many years of marital bliss !
Best, Ingrid N
who has met you at Madrona many moons ago . . .

Just a few minutes ago I read today's post of Zwitscherhexe were she tells of wanting to finish "Elysium", which she had started in March of 2013, because she still finds it so beautiful :))
This made be check on you, what a wonderful surprise to see your post of today,
what a co incident !!!
Hope to see more of your posts and maybe patterns !?

Glad to know you have found your way back to happiness. :-)

Congrats. So happy for you!

Yes, write!
Eternally happy for you!

Happy to read whatever you wish to write, missed you❤️

You are an inspiration to many and we are all glad to see you so happy

It would send me to the stars to read your writings again. You've built and learned so much. Will you publish under Rustle Press, the most beautifully named publisher.? Ever.

Celebrating your happiness! Please return to writing, as well as sharing photos of your beautiful dogs.

I've thought about you a lot! I'm so glad you're back.

I still read this blog! Welcome back and congratulations.

I'm so very happy that you've found your center again. Welcome back to blog land!

Yes, still reading.

Congratulations on getting married. I wish you all the best.

I thought I had been hearing movement in the undergrowth! Lovely to see your face emerging!

Lovely to see you writing again. Look forward to more.

I have enjoyed following your life with new love and dogs and all of that on Facebook. It isn't the same as a blog. Welcome home.

Congratulations! I was so glad to see your blog post pop up on Feedly this morning - please do continue.

Yay, you're back! And congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing what you write.

I will gladly read anything you might write! Congratulations to both of you and welcome back! I have missed you!!

You look beautiful and happy! Go Janel! You are such an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing.

I'm so happy lightening did strike again. I remember how sad you were after Rustle's death.

Conratulations! Your life journey inspires me, keep on writing. So very happy for you!

What wonderful news, Janel -- all the best to you in 2017! I think of you every time I wear those innovative sideways socks withe the hig eyelets (forgot they're name). I was a very small part of your Los Angeles life and followed you as you moved along.

Some people touch our lives for just a short time but enrich our thoughts forever. I would love to read more!

Still reading! Congratulations and welcome back.

What wonderful news! Lovely photo lovely guy. Tell us more.

Congratulations, Janel! So good to see you back. YES! We read your blog!

You definitely still have readers.


Yes, you still have readers. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

It's good to hear from you again! I'm glad you are finding happiness again.

Congratulations on finding new love while healing from your loss. I've long admired your work, hope you find the time to write as life allows. All the best to you and yours!

Congratulations. I am glad that you have found such happiness. Yes, you still have readers. :)


Hi, Janel!

Hello hello!! And belly rubs to those who want them!

Please write. You have a way with words.

Congratulations, and welcome back! :)

Welcome to the next installment of your wonderful life.
Congratulations on your journey and your marriage.
Blog away..........

That's great news!

Congrats Janel!
I wish you both a very happy New Year!
have fun ;)

So happy for you both!!

I am sooooo happy for you....one of my favorite people !

Congratulations! So happy to see you returning to blogging as well.

Wow! I'm sure you don't remember who I am, (just a fan girl who met you at a TNNA years ago) but I am genuinely happy for you. Best wishes! Good to see you back in the blogosphere. xoxo

so happy for you janel! yes, do some creative writing!

Congrats. Glad to see you back ;-)

So glad to hear that you are happy! I've been hoping that you'd rejoin the fiber arts world someday...

oh, my dear friend! How fortunate for me that I just dropped in tonight. Such a lovely picture with you and your sweetie -- what a blessing for you both. For the record, Elliot and I now live near Milwaukie and from time to time we drive by what ostensibly is/could be your new location on earth. If it is ever in the plan to see or visit old friends, don't be shy, okay?
And of course, the world is clearly ready for more of your fine writing, so get to it, girl!
[Note: new email address]

Congratulations :)

I enjoy your writings and adore your patterns. It would be a blessing to all if you write again regularly. There are over 50+ at the present and I am sure that it would grow once word of your return spread.

Are you considering putting your patterns back for sale? I have been going a little crazy trying to purchase a copy of the Paris, 1919 sock pattern, as well as others. There are a few patterns that simply grab at your heart with a need to work it yourself. This is one of those patterns for me. So I beg. Hopefully it will find its way to me.

Write on!
Jettquilts onRavelry

Congratulations, on healing and new love. Glad to know you are doing well. Please know you have loyal fans who have not forgotten you.

Dear Janel,
Best wishes always.
Today I was researching toe up socks and it was an intense reminder of how much I love your designs and miss you. I am not alone, my knitting circle has done many of your delightful designs in socks and wraps. We share our love and hope with you on your continuing journey. And I pray it includes a fabulous renewal of your incredible talents and sharing.
Tamara D
Clickity Chick

Please offer your patterns for sale again:)

I don't know you, but from all the comments it sounds like I should. You are a wonderful caring person and one I would like to know. I think we have much in common

thank you for reading this

Welcome back, Janel! Like others here, I'm a long-time admirer of your work and checked up on beebonnet on a whim. It's great to hear that life has taken a sunnier turn for you.

Glad you're back and doing alright! Looking forward to more writings from you. Just managed to get a copy of the Enchanted Sole! Lovely patterns, but hard to find.

oh it is so lovely to see you, and read you, again! Congratulations, sunshine, joy-full-ness, and creativity to you, both of you!

Just wonderful to see your happy face Janel! You have been and are in our thoughts.

Much love,

Ingrid & Mikael (no more in Sweden, now in Oz)

Congratulations on your marriage. I purchased a copy of The Eclectic Sole; Socks for Adventurous Knitters for the pattern Rivendell. I would also love to knit Damselfly but cannot find the pattern anywhere. Could you put this up for purchase sometime again? Thanks.

My favorite quote comes to mind...

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~Anais Nin

Wishing you well.....

Congratulations on your marriage! I had no idea of the events in your life, knowing you only through your patterns (I own the Enchanted Sole and the Eclectic Sole). I keep checking back on Paris,1919, hoping that it is for sale as an individual pattern (it was part of a sock club), and I discovered that your publishing website is no longer operational. This caused me to look at your profile, which lead me here to your blog. I've only read down a few entries, but enough to see that you've had your plate full for a few years. I hope 2017 has been better for you!

so glad you are back. Congratulations on finding love again! It is always a miracle!
please keep blogging and KNITTING! Love your patterns. Just getting up the nerve to
try one of your sock patterns.

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