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October 09, 2012


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Sorry about the hiccups of life. Glad to see you back and well. I was hoping to get to see you over Laura's on the weekend. Perhaps next visit...I had the luxury of seeing Miriam's Petiole in person at OFFF and am totally in love with it. Now, I am spinning silky fiber for it. Meanwhile, I picked out yarn for four patterns off of The Sock Report to cast on over next few weeks. You guess it...holiday knitting time :D

Sounds interesting. I just can't get the pages to load. Oh well.

A smashing success! It's beautiful. Excellent work, ladies.

A wonderful collection! Already see a number of pieces I would like to make....indeed for real women who live in the real world, yet with panache! Will go right now and purchase the 'bundle'.

Thank you!

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