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June 28, 2012


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What a pretty girl! I've always wanted a polydactyl, but one has never come up when I've been in the market. So, will you actually address her as Miss Marple, or will she get a nickname?

Welcome to the lovely Miss Marple!

Congratulations to both of you on having found each other! She's beautiful.

What a lovely lady!

So sweet I have a little girl kitty that looks just like her. She is sweet, very good girl too.

She is very good at helping! That is her helping me with e-mails.

I love the name! Miss Marple is elegant and worthy of her name. Very nice to meet you Miss Marple! Your life will be just a bit more interesting now, right Janel?

What a pretty kitty!

She's absolutely ADORABLE and the luckiest gal around to have found such a loving home ^.,.^

Oh, isn't she wonderful. She reminds me A.LOT of our boy, SCAMP!

Oh, Miss Marple brought back fond memories of Bella, my grey cat of many, many years ago. I now have a lovely long-haired black cat named Soot whom we inherited from my daughter and grandkids. It's nice to have a cat in the house again.

Loved the last picture of Miss Marple. Hope all of you have a wonderful 4th.

I have a Ms Marple kitty too! A gracious gray tabby who loves knitting and getting into things.

What a perfect name for your beautiful gray lady. I hope you have many years of her companionship.

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