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May 31, 2012


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Oooh! I see I can buy the patterns as Ravelry downloads now! But there aren't pictures yet so I don't know whether I want to buy the whole thing. Will they be up soon?

Oh, ask and ye shall receive :) Thanks for putting them up and I found the Sock Report-gorgeous!!!!

First of all, congratulations on your new publication! I'm enjoying all those lovely designs and I'm trying to decide which ones to get (I just may end up buying the whole package)!

Now, I will confess, while going through the online version, I found that the way the entire page refreshes as I click through gives me an headache and hurts my eyes, what with the alternating "black and white flash". If you can get the developer to fix this so it works more like the way the Twist Collective magazine works, in having only that particular section refresh instead of the entire page refreshes, this would make for a more pleasant browsing experience.

Now, I'll have to keep on the lookout for the print version at my LYS - it will be nice to have when I'm traveling and don't have immediate access to the Internet!

I found the Sock Report, through Hunter's post, and am IN LOVE with it. Gorgeous pictures, patterns, great ideas...a perfect presentation of knitting goodness. Thanks to all the people who worked on the first edition of The Sock Report. I've found so many new favorite patterns!

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