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April 21, 2011


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It's gorgeous! And you managed to mobilize a lot of knitters. :)

I'm coming to Sock Summit and am really hoping to get into one of your classes! I'm bringing my Eiki shawl :-)

That house fire by you is scary and shocking. "Hooray for firefighters" indeed! I'm glad their dog could be saved, and I hope they didn't lose too much.

The orchard picture is breathtaking! And your shawl is beautiful!

Oddly enough, my neighbor up the street had a small alley/backyard fire and a visit from the fire department this morning.

The "new" Eiki looks lovely too!

I am also traveling to the Sock Summit and am registered for one of your "Paint Your Toes" classes! I'm truly looking forward to having a class with you!

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