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October 22, 2009


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Don't forget Knitting Scholar! Just name the day...

Loved the interview Janel!

Really enjoyed the interview...getting to know Janel just a little bit, and how very interesting! What were you doing in Denmark? I am definitely looking forward to the next 'installment'!!! And a book on handcoverings sounds a perfect complement to the Sole series, and I love lace. So looks like some good stuff in the future, eh?

I took a peek at your book in Rhinebeck this weekend and loved it! I feel so incredibly honored that you used my yarn for the cover sock. It was crazy busy in Rhinebeck so I was not able to purchase the book, but I will be doing so soon....it's lovely!

Beth did a great job with the luxury fiber spinning class. ;) I hope you are feeling better soon!

Blog tour- what a great idea!! Especially if yo are still under the weather a little. Thanks for the link to the knitted village- it ws so cool!!

Took your book to knitting club on Wednesday, then on to Italian class where several students are also knitters. One student fell so in love with it that I had to forbid her from looking at it during class. You might be hearing from her soon.

My husband and I are awed by your imagination and creativity. The Enchanted Sole is a work of art!
I love every sock in it.

just found this and am starting with "Harry's interview ... fun!

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