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August 31, 2009


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Oh. There it is. I've been talking to friends out there...some of whom had evacuate orders...such a miserable thing, fire season. But, the phoenix always seems to rise...

Good that you're out of imminent danger, bad that you're breathing smoke.

Funny...I whine about moving back to California all year long, then fire season comes, and I shut up. In a couple months...I'll start to whine again.

Good luck out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been in northern CA and north of Yosemite and had smoke up here from the Yosemite "controlled" burn ... but not 100 degrees -- yikes!

You can see that big smoke cloud all the way down here in the South Bay. Janel, come visit me!!! --Kathy H.

Oh my word! I am glad you are okay. Everything about this fire is scary.

Big fire--hope it doesn't knock out the communication towers, and that they are able to contain it sooner than expected. Also hope you can get back to Oregon soon so you can breathe non-smoky air.
I love to see hummingbirds--pretty and entertaining!

I love the hummingbird picture. Aren't they the cutest things? I hope the fires stay far away from you! Darlene

NO, you certainly are not crazy to consider turning right around. As long as you are rested do it, save your lungs, eyes, hair, fiber!

Be safe, as always thanks for sharing,

such a scary and unpredictable thing. Stay safe :) Praying for rain,

Stay safe!

I'm glad you are not in the path of the fire. It makes total sense to drive back and get away from the smoke and the heat.

Stay safe..The hummingbird have come to our yard in droves..keeps my husband hopping keeping the feeders filled..they are now ready to migrate to Mexico for the winter..so very fascinating to watch.. To capture the energy the have would be something else...
Happy watching..

This fire is so scary. I'm glad your house is okay!

I'm glad your house is safe from the actual fire, if not the unpleasant effects of the fire (smoke, etc.).

everything still ok?

Glad the structure is safe. Glad you have somewhere else to go - even if it is a butt numbing 1000 miles. Surprised the hummingbirds haven't flitted farther away from the smudge.

The fire is a horrible scary thing. And, it's only 22%contained. Glad you had somewhere to go.

The humming birds are delightful.

I hope the fire gets put out quickly. We've had smoke like that here for a while now (although it seems to have shifted away from us today).

I hope things are better. I have friends in the San Diego area who went through fires a couple of years back. They came through without more than a scare.

That is a fabulous hummingbird feeder. Any chance of finding out where it was purchased?

Hope everything is ok for you with the fires. I know how scary that can be. I survived a wildfire a few years ago here in Alaska. The fire actually went through my back yard and spared my house when many others were lost. To top it off, my DH was a volunteer firefighter and was off fighting the fire leaving me and my daughter behind. It was really scary but we all made it through okay. Debbie

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