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August 20, 2009


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I love this one too! I can't believe how many ideas you have! :o)

I love this one too!....soooo nice!

You are such a talented designer!

chilly. ;)

Love it too, are you down or up? I have those tables for you and since you are up now I was hoping to meet you somewhere and give them back to you? T

So beautiful. Makes my longing for the book even greater! I know it will ship in mere weeks, but the waiting is killing me.

Very nice socks! Not the cosy ones, but rather mysteriuos, I'd feel immediately in the scary winter's fairy tale...absorbing and fascinating!
Thank you for sharing your talent!

Love the snow queen! when's the book coming out?

I'm so excited that I won! Thank you, thank you!

Ooh! Snow Queen is one of my favorite Hans Christian Anderson stories, and these socks look like a perfect tribute. Love the cuff detail at the top.


I love it! Another one I'll have to knit--so beautiful!

Love the cuff on the sock.

lovely looking sock ... and photo accessories!

I used to love the Snow Queen story.

Pretty socks too.

ooooo snow queen

can we have winter now, please?

I want that sock.

I don't want winter yet....we've barely had any summer here as it has been unusually cooler than normal.

What a pretty sock, and the way you showcase your socks is always top-drawer!! I, for one, am definitely ready for some cooooooooler weather!!

What a beautiful sock!!! When and where is the pattern to be available?

So lovely! Seeing your work here makes me want to cheat on my current WIP!

I'm not trying to be a comment hog, just want to say thanks for the free Peacock pattern!

Super sock photography, blending story , great looking sock and visual aids to remember that sock. Snowflake, crystal and antlers........Narnia, Viking myths, dark forest tales. Do I knit tonight or find the fairy tale book?

Oh, cool!! ;-)

I love the beauty of winter, so these are a must for me!

What a pretty sock! And that's one of my favorite fairy tales, too!

Just beautiful! Perfect socks for a Snow Queen! I'll definitely be making these too. Darlene

OOOOOOOOO! Snow Queen. Winter is my absolute favorite the more ice and snow the better.

They are Brillent!

Thanks as always for sharing your talent with us, Janel


very pretty!!! I bet that pattern would look nice in blue. :-)

Another beautiful pattern! We're all dying for the book to finally come out!

Can't wait to see the book.

Knitting as fast as possible so I can have new socks to wear for ccoler weather. When will the Snow Queen pattern be available?

Perfect for Wisconsin, where the Snow Queen, Consort, and minions vacation.

Such a beautiful pattern! How do you come up with such a variety of patterns? I'm in total awe here.

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