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August 18, 2009


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It will be great to see how beautiful the top scarf will be blocked!

What gorgeous scarves! Are they original patterns or patterns from elsewhere? Please let us know!

Pretty scarf! And it will be cool enough to wear them before you know it (probably)!

They look lovely--and soft! Now we just need some cooler weather!

I love seeing your knitting when it is but a babe, then watching it "grow up".

That hand spun is a gorgeous colour... will be really interesting to see it when it is blocked! Can't wait

Lovely handspun!

it's strangely cool and rainy here in Kansas.

You are fast!

Wow! Pretty pattern!

Gorgeous stuff! Maybe this will be what inspires me to finally knit up all my lightweight handspun...

Yum. I love the texture the stitch pattern is creating, especially at the end of the scarf.


I'm always worried that my singles will be too weak for lace knitting. Or I'll way over twist to make sure they don't fall apart. I guess I'll have to just give it a try!

air conditioning!! it makes knitting possible when it is HOT outside. and lace isn't heavy in your lap like a top down sweater....

HI Janel ...

thanks for your blog!

Cheri E.

Cool weather will come soon enough. At least the projects are small right now.

I posted but I don't think it went thru...please ignore this if it did. I like your scarf pattern! its beautiful...and was glad I could click on the picture to see it in more detail.

Pretty with the beads. I know what you mean about trying to knit when it's hot...lucky for us knitters in Colorado it's cooled off this week.

I've been knitting nothing but socks for so long, it is fun looking at other thing...like your shawl last week and not this beautiful scarf...cheryl

I am enjoying the change in pace, but still beautiful knitting!

Lovely scarf. Nice when you want a change from socks.

aah, lovely, what a beautiful pattern.
I should do more scarves as well, but socks are just easier to transport when you knit in the car like I do usually - and you don't get the "I need to get this row finished before I can stop" problem.

I haven't commented in quite awhile! I can always count on you for inspiration. I really love to see your spinning and to see it knit up...yum! Your scarf is going to be just gorgeous!

What a pretty scarf pattern!

Is everything okay and back to normal on the homefront now?

Love the way the handspun enhances the lace pattern of the scarf - it's delicious!

OMG! Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

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