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August 16, 2009


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Alas, I'll not be able to travel to Rhinebeck. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experience, though.

I have a European friend coming to Rheinbeck -- good for her! I'll make sure I tell her about your classes.

I am happy I found your blog!Going to Sock Suummit and Rhinebeck how cool is that!

That is going to be one luscious little scarf! And I wish I was going to Rhinebeck -- alas, not this year. I hope you have a great time teaching, it sounds like a lot of fun!

I wish I could join you in Rhinebeck! We lived quite close to there before moving to Texas, and we'll visit this Fall, but not until October. It's too late for the knitting event, but perfect timing for the changing leaves!

That Buffalo Gold yarn look simply scrumptious. I wish I could join you at Rhinebeck, but I'm afraid those things may have to wait until I'm out of school... =(

it'll be a beauty!

Sorry I'll miss Rhinebeck--your classes look interesting.
The scarf looks like it'll be so soft and beautiful--keep us updated!

I have always wanted to knit with Buffalo yarn! I will love watching your project take shape, so take lots of pictures! Darlene

You know you've really become a Yarn Rockstar when you get to teach at both the Sock Summit and Rhinebeck... love it!

Looks gorgeous! Enjoy yourself at Rhinebeck.

Will not be at Rhinebeck but that kitchen sink yarn class sounds interesting. Those seem to be the batts that catch my eye at wool fests. Hope you have a great time.

You are so lucky to have scored some Buffalo gold!~

I hope you have a great time at Rhinebeck - I wish I was going!

Love the swatch with the Buffalo Gold...I picked some up at SS09 too so I'm anxious to see what folks are making with it.

I wish I could make it to Rhinebeck, but probably can't swing it this year. That scarf is gonna look great!

Wish I could go to NYS Sheep and Wool festival - may next year, this year is Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival (we've got friends that live really close to it).

I look forward to hearing about Rhinebeck though!

I like to see the day by day progress...

One year i'll make it to Rhinebeck. Hope the class goes well.

good luck with the class, someday! The yarn looks so soft!

Oh man. (whine) My sheep won't let me leave them long enough to go to Rhinebeck. Some year down the pike, I'll have enough $ to hire a hand who could do things like open gates and fill troughs. I'm sure your class will be HOT!

That Buffalo Gold just looks so gooooooooooood! Mmmm. Pretty little flames. Very nice!

Pretty! I can't afford to go to Rhinebeck, but I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your stories!

What a wonderful time to be at Rhinebeck. The pattern with the yarn looks lovely.

that looks like gorgeously soft yarn :)

I'd love to go to Rhinebeck, it is just a wee bit out of the way for me!

Will you be signing books on the 18th?

That is beautiful!

Rhinebeck is amazing. I only wish I could go this year.

My best advice is to bring lots of money.

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