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August 15, 2009


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I. Love. Yourspringtimeshawl. It's... exquisite. I'm glad you shared the image of the lily pad before frog frog frogging away,too.

It's been a challenging few days, and I've thought back to the shawl, and now this swatch, and Lo! Instantly uplifted.

I'm grateful that you shared this project from 1999. It's yet another delightful surprise from the brain and hands of Janel Laidman. I can't wait to see what happens next! :-)

Such beautiful yarns. It will be fun seeing what they "grow up to be".

Oooo--pretty! And the Lux looks soft--I wish we could feel it too.
Looking forward to seeing what comes off your needles next, including pretty lily pads!

I thought the other looked good but this looks even better and I love the color.

The new sock looks so exciting. ;)

What beautiful yarns. You are so lucky to be able to knit with it!

Well, sorry your shawl didn't turn out, but given the troubles I've been having with the one I'm working on right now, it's kind of a relief to learn you have such troubles, too!

I am interested to see what you will do with the sock!! Another book on the way? Darlene

Girl...you are very productive!

It was nice to see you at Sock Summit. That was the most fun I've had in a while. Everyone was just walking around with grins on their faces.

There are so many things I want to cast on right now...

The Buffalo Gold looks wonderful!

Those are gorgeous yarns!

ooh! exciting! :D

Wow, lots of yummy yarn. It would be hard to choose which one to knit first.

what lovely yarns- thanks for sharing them.

yarns, patterns ... fabulous. But I always learn something, too. Off to check the dpns out -- I also like the thin ones!

I like my kollage square dpns too, but my zeros knit up more like ones...

It looks like you have several great projects in the works, the kollage dpns are super nice enjoy!

Holy Hannah's Bananas....I like the woolen rabbit yarn. You leave us curious!

So many fun things going on in your house these days... oh to be a fly on the wall :P

Completely agree with the Kollage assessment. (DPN vs circular)

On the edge of my seat to see what develops out of that "plain old ribbing"! ~ Girl you are amazing...

Thanks for the "teaser"


Janel, I learned a great deal taking your class, while at the Sock Summit.
It is enjoyable to read your blog..I do agree with you on the square needles.
They feel good in the hands.
Pat Dixon

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