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August 27, 2009


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that's a pretty cool technique... I'll have to try it sometime!

And which Theresa would that be? We will miss you this weekend. I have been slow with the blogs, so sorry to hear about the back. I, unfortunately, feel your pain. To compensate we will lift our glasses in your honor.

I am very glad to hear your back is improving, and your visitors are delightful!

Ooohh nice yarn- i love filatura di crosa, and i am now thinking I must dig out some superfine stuff i bought in Sicily years ago.

Lovely little raccoons, poor Mr. squirrel though. Love the orange lace!

Glad to hear you are on the mend! Lovely orange color on the scarf!

Love the scarf pattern and the color.

I love the scarf! What an interesting concept of knitting from a provisional cast on outwards... usually we see people knit from the ends to the center.

I'm glad to hear that you're doing better--hope you're completely recovered soon. And fun to see all the drama in the trees--cute pictures! Your scarf looks lovely, and what an interesting way to start it!

How about a book update Janel? Will it be out soon? Darlene

such a neat idea to work from the centre out! love the colour. What pattern is it?

Happy to hear you are feeling better.

Aw, cute raccoon pictures! Poor Mr. Squirrel...

I'm glad your back is feeling better. Take care!

That looks so airy already! Can't wait to see it blocked!

I'm glad your feeling better, have a peaceful weekend.

The scarf looks fantastic. Will there be a pattern some day? Please?

Pretty scarf! And thanks for sharing the pictures of those little bandits; they're so cute!

I LOVE the tangerine yarn. What a great pop of color to add to an outfit. Besides, papaya is one of the hot colors for Fall. You're too cool for school!

Love the scarf
will knit one of your sock patterns this winter just have to decide which one...
great designs...
Mary Ann

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