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August 29, 2009


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Wow, that tree stump driftwood is cool! Looking forward to seeing fun knitting things tomorrow!!

Love the beach!

Enjoyed the beach pictures, and can't wait to see the knitting things tomorrow!

love the stump!

Great pictures and a wonderful beach!

Thanks for the wonderful beach photos - almost as good as being there (and it's in the 90's where I am today!). The designs for the new book are wonderful - maybe even better than your first book.

WOW! I'm so jealous of you and your wonderful adventures!

Lucky you - we've barely had any summer here in Wisconsin....just too darn cold this year!

the driftwood colors are gorgeous!

The tree trunks are fabulous, especially the pattern in the wood, hmmm looks like a new series of socks to me...

I'm amazed at the beautiful designs you come up with!!
They're so eyecatching and the presentations are wonderful.
I do love the idea of the Traveller pattern, with the hidden pocket.

Looks like a beautiful day for beachcombing! Thanks for showing us your pictures. Darlene

Sun! Lucky you - it's been a sorry summer in rural NY. Love your designs!


Just started looking at your fabulous work. So nice.

How luck you are to have the beach so close! I used to live on Long Island in New York and went to the beach constantly. Here in mid-Texas that just doesn't happen. I love your work and look forward to tomorrow's revelation.

Janel, What a wonderful way to become rejunated, just enjoying the ocean and what washes a shore is so very wonderful, enjoying natures wonders..Life offer so very much to make one happy, and full of creative spirit..Have a good next week..

What wonderful scenery and a beautiful day in which to enjoy it.

This is the week everyone is conspiring to make me miss the beach. Beautiful pictures!

BEACH! Oh, when I was young, I went to the city to charge my batteries. But, now, I need the beach.

Looking at your pics I can smell the sea.


What a relaxing day you had. Thanks for sharing.

Beach days are so restful... I knit half a sock last day we went to the beach! was lovely

How I enjoy the beaches in Oregon, and your pictures are such lovely reminders of wonderful times! Many continued happy outings to you and Mr. Bonnet!

the beach looked lovely, glad your back feels better

A beautiful day in Florence. Hoorah!

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