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June 29, 2009


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Another gorgeous sock!!! Your talents just amaze me...cheryl

OMG, these are stunning! Gorgeous! Oh my word!!!

Wow, that Tree of Life pattern is beautiful! You are an extremely talented designer. I am in awe. :-)

The tree of life is an amazing sock pattern! Congratulations!

Only problem with winning this time is that I'm nor sure I'll be able to decide! I think I need to get the book anyway. The only problem is going to be how long I have to wait to find it in a UK based store!

Love this one, too!

The Tree of Life socks are awesome.

These took my breath away!

just beautiful!

Oh my. That is Fabulous!


Amazing, incredible, awesome! Wow!

Amazing. All to really say about that pattern. Don't think I'll be good enough to knit it just though!

Wow! That is one stunning sock -- random numbers, please choose me! : )

Wow, that is now my favorite pattern. Absolutely amazing.

great photography!

WOW! I love the Tree of Life. What a beautiful sock. Thanks for the contest. Debbie

Beautiful sock! It looks difficult.

That is beautiful. It looks like a challenge.

You just don't run out of gorgeous patterns! Incredible!

Oh, these are truly works of art - may I ask what the yarns used are?

Oh, my goodness! Those are breathtaking.

Tree of Life is an amazingly beautiful sock!

Be still, my heart! Is that a row of leaves I see along the top of the cuff? Gorgeous

Oh my goodness, that sock is gorgeous! I adore the Tree of Life motif!

Another lovely pattern! Can't wait for the book!

Another gorgeous pattern!

Wow! This is spectacular. Thanks for the tempting previews.

Really, really beautiful! I'd love to be a fly on the wall of your brain to watch your creative process in action!

Beautiful pattern! I'm going to have to learn some new techniques so I can knit all of these socks.

Beautiful pattern. I love the originality as well as the stunning silhouette of the tree on the leg.

lovely pattern!

oh my! This one has me really excited. I mean, I CAN'T WAIT to knit it! Just beautiful!

Tree of Life is my Favorite - wow!!!

I would love to know (and copy) the yarns used in this sample knit. For a pattern as artistic as The Tree of Life, it would be important to use the right yarns and colors...cheryl

I can't stand it anymore, how can I pre-order your new book?

Glad to have found your blog. I love trees and that is one beautiful image! Wonderful designing. I need to hone my skills to tackle that one though.

Wow Janel!!! Each week you outdo the previous designs. This one is lovely. I am so excited to see colorwork patterns.

Another gorgeous pattern - I admire how you dream up all of these!

I can tell - my future is socks :) Can't wait for the book to arrive now! Well done, Janel!

WOW ! I have never seen such nice patterns :)
This is not for feet but i think these are real pieces of art and belong to a museum !!! When the book is going on sale I am going to be one of the first buyers :))))))))

Oh my! I have been dreaming of a fairisle knitted tree on a sock and here it is!!! I can't believe you read my mind like that. It is gorgeous. I cannot wait for this book to come out!!Darlene

Very pretty sock!

Ooooh! I think this is the most beautiful application of the tree of life motif I have ever seen!
I'm absolutely blown away by your talent!

Some patterns just make my heart go "pitty-pat", and this is one of them. Congratulations!

I'm going to pre-order the book. It's just one killer design after another! I didn't think Rivendell or Lothlorian could be topped. This is awesome.

Another Beautiful Sock - It is such a pleasure looking at these one by one - I can hardly wait for my copy of the book!

Every new sock continues to amaze me! You are such a talented artist!

Wow! I think this pair is going to be on my must knit list in the future. Gorgeous

Fabulous pattern.What yarns did you use?

WOW! That's about all I can say - WOW! I have always loved the Tree of Life Pattern and this sock leaves me speechless. I think this will be the first sock I knit.

I found some Malibrigo Indiecito and Black online and ordered it already!!!! I also have some beautiful Lisa Souza yarns that would work well, too. I am soooo wanting to knit this pattern for the SKA July (colorwork/stranded) challenge...cheryl

wow! love the runes!

This is quite awesome...thanks for the wonderful creation!


I want to knit these socks! :)

I am awed by your talent. These socks are wonderful works of art. whew,now another pair I need to make.

What a gorgeous pattern. My fingers are itching to do this one. I can see it in really dark colours, though as it is reminiscent of the TV series Carnivale, which has a big tree motif running through it.

I've always loved the Trees of Life, and your design is a particularly beautiful one, and the colourways you chose make it especially stunning!

Awesome sock. I love it and the contrast is great.

Wonderful sock pattern!Looks a challenging pattern to knit!

Wow! The socks are beautiful! Thanks for the contest. Debbie

The scarf is gorgeous!Like the idea of knitting both ends at once. Glad to hear your back is better, take care and have a good weekend.

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