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April 01, 2009


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When we drive south from MA to FL I am always so grateful for rest areas, especially those south of DC which are generally clean, well-lit, and welcoming. I can live without scenic. But I do need a proverbial pot to...well...you know!

Saw this title on Ravelry and it was cracking me up.
Rest stops, nice rest stops, are such an important part of a road trip.
For my honey moon, Hubby and I started in San Fran, drove to the top of Oregon, then went south again through Tahoe & Sacramento.
Can't say I remember rest areas one way or the other. Guess we were being all scenic and lazy so I had other options.

Two years ago we made the trip from the Portland area to the Bay area twice. It was in July the first time, August the second. The only really nice rest stop we found in California was in Willows; it was a blazing hot day on our way back home to Oregon, but this stop was beautiful, with lots of lovely pepper trees with their knarly trunks. And the rest stop (in Willows) was absolutely clean.

On the whole though, I like Oregon rest stops much better.

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