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February 08, 2008


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wow the Rivendell sock is beautiful! How soon will the book come out? Are you self publishing? ooohhh I can't wait!

oh oh- looking for a test knitter?? I'm happy to oblige!

hope you and your family are well

Congratulations, Janel! I don't know how you manage to do it all.

Your Rivendell is gorgeous. I think I'd like to live there too. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the book with your sock designs. I do a lot of designing for myself, and it's rare I feel like I actually want the pattern to someone else's design, but this is one of those times.

Beautiful! I am so excited for your book.

The sock is a beauty and now I see why you are not posting all the time. The collection looks like a lot of fun. Your socks were bowed down to and worshipped at SOAR for good reason. Congrats on the book.

oh i can't wait to get my paws on your book!

That is such a nice sock.. I've always admired it. I may actually be getting good enough to try it out when the book is released. Can't wait!
Jill P.

I can't wait to see your sock book - I'm totally smitten with those Rivendell socks!

I'm so pleased to see this post :) I've just finished a pair of Rivendells for my sister - they were perfect for her because she too wants to live in Rivendell, or the Shire, or at least New Zealand ;) - her love affair with the movies is intense! But, what I really came by to tell you, is how much I loved knitting them. Your stitch pattern is just beautiful - I admire the creativity and thought that went into them. And many congratulations on your upcoming book - I'm so looking forward to it, especially after enjoying this one so much. I'll update my post to let folks know about it as well!

I am not a knitter but those socks are beautiful.

Can't wait for the book! I was one of those waiting for the sock club to arrive when it all went south, so I will be very excited to finally be able to have the pattern, along with a host of others.

I agree, living in Rivendell in one's mind beats a lot of what passes for real life.

Hope you win the poker games sometimes!

I wanted to pre-order your book from Amazon, but they don't seem to be carrying it. Where can I order it? Thank you.

I wanted to pre-order your book from Amazon, but they don't seem to be carrying it. Where can I order it? Thank you.

I can't wait to knit up Rivendale! I am such a Ringer myself. I dream of being the first Hobbit to attend Hogwarts!

Please let us know who is going to be publishing your book, and where we can buy it!

What a great sock. It practically sings Rivendell. The design is positively elvish. If I can't live in Rivendell at least I can knit that sock.

And your sneak peak has piqued my curiosity too. I will anxiously be awaiting the publication of "The Eclectic Sole" (great title).

Nooooo.... I can't wait that long!
I want to cast on for Rivendell NOW NOW NOW... okay this evening.
I can wait (impatiently, but I can do it) for the book... but waiting for that pattern will hurt.
Please don't show us any more. I'm sure they're all as enticing, and I'd likely implode waiting....
Is there no way we can purchase Rivendell in advance of the book release???

i want rivedell socks!
how can i get the book like... NOW!?

You may not believe me, but... I live in one of four towns that created the "Rivendell Interstate School District" based on Rivendell in the trilogy. Orford NH, Fairlee, West Fairlee and Vershire VT created the school district back in 2000 because we are small towns that wanted to improve our students' chances in the 21st century. We have a huge (well, relatively huge) river running through us... the Connecticut River and we have the Green Mountains of Vermont in the west and the White Mountains in NH on the east. There is farmland all around. As far as I know, we are the only K-12 interstate district and yes, there are challenges, but I think it's worth it... Check us out on rivendellschool.org

and your socks are beautiful.. I think I need to make them... please let me know when your book is out.

The book - the one with the Rivendell socks!!! When? Where? Please?
I have fallen completely in love with these socks, right down to doing something I rarely do, and ordering the yarn for it in advance instead of stash-diving - it is the Glacier, right? and so pretty - I hope it is still in stock...I am wanting this pattern so very badly, and will order the book as soon as it is available!

OH MAN! And just today, at Stitches West, I picked up 4oz of roving in the "Lothlorien" colorway. Sweet. I know where that's going!

Oh my gosh I must have that sock pattern! It's absolutely gorgeous and I really want to make myself a pair. Please, oh please, oh please, let us know when you publish it!!! It is just lovely. Sorry to hear that you were sick at Madrona. That is a big bummer and I hope you'll feel much better soon. (So you can publish that amazing sock pattern LOL!)

When and where will "The Eclectic Sole" be published? I NEEEEEED a Rivendell sock. :)

I love the socks. I'm not sure if you noticed, but you seem to have caused quite a stir in ravelry. The yarn harlot fan group is ready to start a riot over these socks and your upcoming book. :-)

THIS IS STUNNING!!! I've got a question: I'm ashamed to admit that I have rather, ahem, curvaceous ankles and I was wondering if the very top was able to stretch with that gorgeous stitch detail.....

Thank you so much! This is such a beautiful pattern!

Such a beautiful pattern. You have very nice blog. Nice day.

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